Sample summer program calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  2-Departure for Buenos Aires 3- Arrival in Buenos Aires. Flight AA 953 arrival 10:36am Group Transfer to Hotel 4-11am orientation Room 420 3pm City Tour Meeting point: lobby 5-classes 1 8:30am-10:00am SPAN 305/405 SPAN 205 11:00am-1:00pm SPAN 207/307 6-classes 2 7-
8– 9-classes 3 3pm Cementerio de la Recoleta Meeting point: Cementerio de La Recoleta 1760 Junin Street 10-classes 4 11-classes 5 Guided Tour to Teatro Colon Meeting Point Theatre Box Office: Tucuman 1171 3:00 PM 12-classes 6 13-Departure for Iguazu . Meeting point: 06:45am Lobby Flight: AR 1746 Departure from Aeroparque 09:40am Arrival to Iguazú:10:20am Afternoon boat tour 7:30 PM Dinner 14- 07:00am Visit Parque Nacional de Iguazu full day with lunch. Meeting Point: Lobby
15-Return to Bs. As from Iguazú. AR 1733 Departure to BS AS 10:10am Arrival: 12:05 PM 16-classes 7 17-classes 8 Guided Tour to Museo Evita Meeting Point:Main entrance Lafinur 2988 3:00 PM 18-classes 9 19-classes 10 Tigre full day with lunch Meeting point: 08:45am. /Sturla Viajes: 400 Cecilia Grierson St -Puerto Madero 20-classes 11 Departure for Calafate Meeting point Lobby 04:30 AM Departure from Aeroparque Flight Ar 1866 07.00 Am. Arrival to Calafate 10:15 Am Visit to Parque Nacional Los Glaciares 1 hr boat ride around the glaciers. Dinner   21- Estancia Full day Meeting point Lobby : 07:30 AM
22- Return to Buenos Aires AR 1869 Departs:2:05 PM Arrives: 5:30 PM 23-classes 12 Dinner Tango show “El Querandí” Meeting Point: 8:15pm 322 Perú St. 24-classes 13 25-classes 14 26-Estancia “La Bandada” full day with Lunch Meeting point: 8:20am lobby 27-free weekend 28 -
29-return from free weekend 30-classes 16 31-classes 17 1-classes 18 Farewell Dinner El Mirasol del Puerto Meeting Point 8:00pm 202 Alicia M. de Justo Av.Puerto Madero 2-free day –Departure Group Transfer to Ezeiza Airport Meeting point: 5:30pm Lobby Flight AA 954 departs at 10:45 Pm 3-arrival at JFK 4