Nicolás Del Vecchio
Co-founder and Commercial Director

Nicolás is a commercial leader with over 25 years of solid and prolific experience in the business field. He has worked alongside the most important corporations in our country, establishing successful long-term business relationships. Since graduating in tourism from Universidad de Palermo, he has grown continuously to become a global reference in the sector.

His commercial leadership is based on a deep sense of interconnectedness, interdependence, and common wellbeing. He actively participates in non-profit social and cultural projects for the benefit of the community.
Natalia Amelotti
Co-founder and Academic Director

Natalia has over two decades of experience in higher education and student mobility. She holds a degree from the Catholic University and was a professor there and at USAL and UP universities as well. She served as Exchange Programs Coordinator and ISEP coordinator for Universidad de Palermo for 21 years. She has extensive experience working with partner universities and sees study abroad programs as the path to personal growth and globalization. Natalia has published on languages and internationalization and is an active member of prestigious education associations.